My Bar Accountant genuinely understand the challenges facing barristers in their early years at the Bar - especially during this period of austerity and unprecedented change.

This why we are committed to support barristers setting out on the careers with a range of services which add real value to them and their practices.

Like our services, our pricing structure is unique, which means that you only pay us what you can afford. 

Running your practice should be stress - we can make sure it is!

As well as making sure you manage your finances correctly, we can support you in developing your practice.​​

Here are some questions we like to pose as part of our bar mentoring service.

  • Do you know where you want your practice to be in 3-years?
  • Have you identified potential gaps in your business skills?
  • What is your sustainable competitive advantage
  • Do the people who matter to you know about what you want to achieve at the Bar?

What we guarantee to all our clients

Individual attention

You will have a single point of contact who will stay on top of your affairs and make sure your individual needs are met.

Timely service

We will never be late in managing your affairs - for example we will prepare your accounts and tax return within 14-days of receiving all the required information from you. 


We only work with barristers and their chambers as this is our specialism. 

Plain English

We will always explain things in terms you will understand.

Fees - our ultimate guarantee
You are the sole judge of our value - which means that you pay us what you think our service is worth, without argument.

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